Friday, October 8, 2010

He Can Take Pictures for Mommy Now

It had been raining all week. We finally woke up to a beautiful Friday.

I feel obligated to take lil B out in a beautiful sunny warm day like today. Not only take him out, better yet, book him a playdate. He loves to play with kids he knows for a while, and whom he is guaranteed to have a good time with.  To me, it is easy to drop my stuff (or reschedule) and compromise his friend and friend's mommy's schedule.  I'll do anything for him, my time is the minimum i can give.

Anyway, before we went out, I asked him to take some pictures for me. He gladly agreed and took 8 pictures.  1 of them looks like this...

i did not forget to throw a pair of comfy shoes in my bag this time!


  1. Stunning! You should take pictures of you outside of the house cause your clothes are amazing and they show off better.
    I adore your sense of style!

  2. I will try.

    thank you Anna. I like your style too.