Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Beautiful Autumn Day

Not many days like today are left to us. cold and long New England winter is around the corner.

I was swamped by millions of small things this morning...but i kept telling myself i must get there. i am glad i didn't miss a beautiful day in a pumpkin wonder land with my lil B.

in this picture, lil B was running around and feeding carved pumpkins (those got big open mouths) with pine cones and acorn....

I love Fall. but it makes me feel a little sentimental sometimes. When I sat in the empty park today, and watching leaves falling off the trees, and lil B's looking for a playmate - his beautiful big eyes were filled with loneliness... my heart got tightened a little.  I took a deep breath and reminded myself life is just not perfect. i have a couple of things that bother me: my tooth implant is failed after 5 years and it's needed to be redone which means lots of pain and live without a tooth for a long desire for shopping (and quite a few other things) dropped a lot. my doubt towards customer service and product quality have raised again and again....i simple don't have things i want to get because i am afraid it will fall short of my expectation again, then i deal with buyer's remorse for a few days.

lil B always giggles when he takes pictures for me. he did a good job on the picture below.
Whenever i feel down (for whatever silly reasons), i just need to look at him and i know why i should not be unhappy about those unimportant things.


  1. I love your shoes as much as I love Fall. This park looks like the perfect place for relaxing moments. And little B did a wonderful job, indeed.
    Fall is a little bit depressing season I know and there are things that bother us all but you should look at the bright side of your life and that gorgeous little man next to you.

  2. thank you Anna,
    Friend like you is my biggest reward from keeping this blog up.

    I am going to back to work next summer/fall. I just need to focus on bright side of my life, and enjoy every minutes with my precious little boy because these time won't last forever.

    have a great weekend!