Thursday, July 1, 2010

Change is Good

i posted this DKNY tee shirt dress in April (pic up right); when i put it on and ready to run some errands today, i discovered a big problem: the dress was semi-transparent on me when i looked down in sunlight! in summer, i don't wear tights, so i have to make it work without showing my legs/panty somehow! 

First, i tried a couple of  tight shorts to wear underneath the dress, they failed terribly (in my book anyway)...  my head went blank for a few minutes.  Finally, i jumped outside the box and took the dress to my sewing station.  Voila, a transformation took place there: a tee shirt dress -> a tunic. it worked very well with my light grey MBMJ capri.


this coral Salvatore Ferragamo hobo was fresh out of its box. i added it to the outfit and achieved effortlessly chic. yay!

doing a project like this makes me feel good!


  1. I love this on you with the capri! It looks so casual but stylish at the same time. The red purse completed the look :)

  2. Thank you Mads,
    i wish i could jump outside of my usual thinking pattern more often.
    it is too easy for me to fall into the old pattern and lack of creativeness.

    have a great 4th July weekend with family.

    (i guess i will find out about your 4th july from your blog? :)