Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Polka dot Blouse

this picture showed how much tan i got lately...

the blouse has slightly puff shoulders and ruffles on the front.

i am convinced again these chanel slides are good choice.

(Fendi boston; Tory Burch city shorts; VS blouse)


one of my new buys: swarovski crystal pendant on light color gold chain.


  1. Love your navy blouse, very elegant.
    didn't see u with this bag this morning, cute!

  2. Fabulous outfit, Julia! I love your Fendi boston bag. Looking at your picture and your beautiful bag, made me think of something I regret buying. You know I bought a LV tote instead of getting the classic speedy bag. And the bag has been sitting at my closet...because some how I think is more of a traveling bag...oh well...

    The swarovski crystal pendant looks gorgeous. In the picture seems to be more of on color silver chain though :)

    Thanks for responding to my e-mail the other day!


  3. Thank you Linlin for commenting on my blog. :D

    i carried Choo straw tote before we went out. it is less maintenance in the kids place. i am afraid white bag turn dirty and yellow.

  4. Hey Claudia,


    so you got a white checker tote, not a speedy which is like boston style. can you not do a exchange if you change your mind?

    i do that a lot myself - plan to get one thing and get something different. :) purchasing decision is hard to make...

    the pendant is on a light yellow gold chain. in my picture, it is like silver, i know. i like a lot. actually i got another necklace in the same order but i returned it this morning. a lot of stuff from Swa are a little childish to me.

  5. I think is too late to do an exchange. As I purchased the bag back on about 2 months ago. got methinking. But I doubt they would exchange.

  6. C.,
    i think you can do a exchange. it doesnt hurt to give it try. because you have not used the bag.