Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Activity: Canoeing

ready to paddle away...


was daddy the only one paddling? lil B seemed in deep thought. haha...


two sets of daddy and son canoeing


sand playing with friend


i dressed like my husband today.


a couple of new jeans.

a couple of new sandals


  1. Oh this looks like a fun weekend! It made me miss kayaking...I should do it again sometime. It's hard to go all glammed up when you go to the beach and have to deal with kids so I know exactly why you're dressed like that, no worries. All it matters is you had lots of comfortable fun.

  2. HI Mads,

    I remember your kayaking pictures. you looked like professional. :) it is a lot of fun, i am sure. i have yet to try it later.

    i can give up glam for comfort very easily these days. to enjoy the activity itself is more important than appearance. but i always pay attention to my appearance, simple because it is in me and it becomes a habit.