Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Activity: Picnic

lil B wears his clothes many times more than i do in a season; but i wear my clothes a lot longer. this top was third time appeared in my blog. one of my favorites this summer.


i love her outfit. so well put together.

we had about 30 people (not including kids) at picnic... i love that chambray dress, casual yet chic

the outfit i wore to picnic.
this Nanette Lepore top has two yellow line details on the sides.

(Stuart Weitzman espadrille, Eric Javits hat)

close up for the belt.

my friend's hubby takes great pictures for people...


three of us


  1. Hi, Julia!

    How are you? Such lovely photos! Your H belts are lovely. I have the black/gold combo with a gold buckle. It is so versatile -- I love it!

    Have you done any fall shopping yet? I've gotten a few sweaters and long-sleeved shirts. Also, I just bought my first Chanel jacket. Now I just need a new Hermes scarf to go with it! :-)

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying the last weeks of summer!

    Take care,

  2. Hi Maria,

    I am doing fine. enjoy my cute son...i got so much tan on my arms and legs this summer because we are out every day.

    thank you for the comment. i love all the pictures my friends and their husband took for us. most of them turned out to be very flattering.

    yes i did some fall shopping. so far, i bought a sweater, a pair of boots. a SA in NM showed me a chanel jacket but i had to turn it down... congrats on your new jacket! please send me a picture of it.

    you too, have a enjoyable rest of the summer with family. -xoxo

  3. Hi, Julia!

    Love your outfit for the picnic! Congrats on a new H belt, it looks great!

  4. Thanks Mona,
    H belt does make a ordinary outfit pop...

  5. Three beautiful ladies and two handsome gentlemen!!!
    I have already comment on your belt, love how you stylized a casual picnic outfit!!

  6. Thank you Anna,
    you are so kind. i will tell other two ladies about your commment. :)