Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot Summer End

After Labor Day, Summer will be officially over...
although we are having a hot summer end.  we spent last a few days in the pool.   no fashion by the pool side.  only dark tan added to my poor skin.

I finished reading InStyle and PeopleStyleWatch magazines.  i think i have a good idea what's in trend this coming season by now. 

" the key to a new wardrobe isn't what you buy - it's reinterpreting what you already have."

I am gonna have to show this photo to Linlin. This is Her!

Lace is again in trend.

i dress like this in Fall

Fall Florals - again, this is one of my go-to-outfits in Fall

fur vest is still in

green is popular this season

Linlin's go-to-outfit.  just add hat and scarf

besides hat and scarf, a jacket will make the same basic outfit look sleek.

green is this season's color. it looks good with brown.

you got to have a fabulous trench coat.

military green jacket.
hm, do i have one? nope. but i'll pass

sweater + shorts + boots combo is chic.

Anorak is more casual than trench coat. i got one this year. i am pretty sure i will wear it more often than my burberry trench coat.