Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shopping for Kitchen

we picked out a huge piece of granite for our kitchen counter top. after that we did some other shopping nearby.  i was in a pair of blue low heel wedge sandals for walking around in the stores.

i always carry my little camera with me but i prefer to take mod pic myself because, 1. not everyone likes to take pictures, such as my husband who completely doesn't get something called 'vanity'; 2. image in a full body mirror is much easier to be captured.  see, i won't push the button if the image doesn't look right in the mirror. :)  and i tend to open my eyes wide when i check myself out in the mirror...

some people have impression that mirror in some upscale stores make a person look slimmer and better looking. i don't think it is necessarily true. but a upscale store does get the best mirrors and lighting to make sure their pretty garment are well justified in the mirror.

i picked up two full body mirrors in some random stores with my mommy friends.  this one in my bedroom does a good job - it doesn't make me look funny. the other one i placed in my closet room is not accurate. it doesn't make me look fat but it stretches my face. so i rarely use it.  But neither mirrors make me look taller or slimmer.  i am 5'5 and 110 pounds, i go to gym regularly.  some pictures are more flattering than others.  what pictures in mirrors can do is to blur some spots on my skin, make it looks better than it actually is.


this outfit is combo of a Escada blouse and Ali Ro bandage skirt.

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