Monday, August 16, 2010

Your Order

this beautiful color convinced me and i placed an order finally. But today, i received this:

Dear Julia,
Unfortunately, the product you ordered online is sold out at all of our retail locations, including our online shop. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences.

Your order has been cancelled, and your account will not be charged.

Thank you for your interest in Balenciaga.

We wish to welcome you back soon on Balenciaga Online Shop.

Balenciaga Customer Service

it is not a good surprise - i must say, after i told a few friends of mine... i even planned a few outfits for the bag already. another thing confused me was, the sorbet color still showing as available on their website after they emailed me that it was out of stock. i decided to give them a call... two person talked to me; at the end, i accepted the fact that their system was not good and they were going to update it next year.

it will take me a while to find another B bag i like again, i am sure.


  1. What a gorgeous bag! It's too bad they sold out.

    Julia, I've been meaning to ask you if you own any Lanvin flats? I've been planning to get some but I'm wondering if they are comfortable.

    Take care,

  2. Ha.ha... I had the same experience before - the appears to be kind of "low-tech" - I saw this color at NM a while ago - you may try to get one from there^^

  3. The color is lovely, I am so sorry they were out of stock! They definitely need to work on improving the way their website works.

    Julia, I keep seeing the pictures of these cute Balenciaga envelope-style clutches on TPF and also on various blogs. Maybe if you liked the shape of the clutch, you could find out if it comes in the color that you liked.

    Balenciaga bags are beautiful, but don't personally fit my style. Their clutches, however, I do like very much and can see myself getting a lot of use out of it.

  4. hi maria,
    i agree the color of that bag is very pretty. i am not too sad that it is not going to be mine though.

    no i dont have lanvin flats. i heard they are really good. i used to have a pair of chanel flats (posted on TPF once) but i could not walk well in them. back of my feet are very small. i can't keep most of pumps on well because of it.

    lavin flats have elastic on the heels. so they should be easy to stay on your feet.

  5. hi Amelie,
    thanks for the info. i think the chance nm still have it is very slim. i heard all the pretty colors were gone last weekend. plus, this color is SS2010 color.

    i am not sad... because i won't be sweating when i schedule my next month credit card payment. hehe...

  6. hi Mona,

    me too, not quite convinced Balenciaga motorcycle bag style suit me... i looked through whole bunch 'your b bag in action' pictures on TPF, i start to wonder what makes it so popular?

    i saw my girlfriend wearing hers and looking really good. but she has a different style from mine.

    i like the clutch. i even thought about getting alexander mcqeen 'faith' clutch. but thought about the open finger glove and it would be hideous on me...