Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stripe and Flower

lil B had his 'My Best Friend' tee on today... 

i was wearing French Connection stripe and flower t-shirt dress. i remember seeing a similar looking sweater dress with large flower on the front by Stella McCartney S/S2010.

*side note: when i wear a t-shirt dress, i either wear a tights/tight capri/tight bike shorts underneath the dress; or a slip in nude color or in same color as the dress underneath.


it is so nice to have a friend who also loves fashion.


  1. You and your new friend looking pretty there.

    Oh, so are you preparing yourself for a Birkin?

    You are insane to have 4 H belts!! haha...

  2. thank you Rachel,
    i guess i am buying belts to prepare for a birkin - it does seem that way. hehe...
    i love belts because i need it to add some definition to my shape.

    i love all the motivation i am getting from you guys. it is nice to have desires for new stuff all the time.