Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tax Free Day Shopping

 I was planning to get a H clic-clac enamel bracelet.  but my size in the color i like were out of stock.
a La Vie du Grand Nord scarf makes me just as happy...  it's my thing -beautiful, artistic H scarf.


the other thing i am addicted to: cute little house plants. 
these two are new additions to my silly habit.


lil B's new shelf, hopefully it will help him be more organized.
it seemed daddy is the only one did not get anything


  1. You didn't get the first?
    H scarf is so beautiful!!! Where did u get the organizer?

  2. no i didn't get Balenciaga First. the more i looked at it, the less i feel like getting it. it is a cool bag but not my style.

    we got the shelf in ikea. it is very roomy. highly recommend it.

    see ya tomorrow

  3. oh the scarf is beautiful indeed. you have to see all the details. so many things in this one small picture, all in perfect harmony.

    i wish they stop making such gorgeous scarf so i would not have to get one after another...

  4. I love your new scarf, Julia! It is so pretty! How many H scarves do you have now?

  5. thanks Maria,
    your question makes me sweat... but i just counted and i am glad the amount is not too bad... including this one, i have 6 only.

    i should use them more often.

  6. You can never have too many! :-)

    I only have 2 scarves, plus a cashmere shawl. I'm thinking about getting a Twilly or a pocket square soon.

    Have a great week, Julia!

  7. Hey Julia! Long time no chat! Wow, you've been busy!! Congrats on your La Vie Du Grand Nord. This is one of my fave F/W2010 H scarves. What color did you get? Is it the same as the one you posted? I'm waiting for colorway 18 though, it's the light pastel pink. :D It ties beautifully and the details are so "alive"! Congrats again!

    BTW, I love your new hair cut - short, one length side-swept on one side, untied - which I saw a few posts back. You look so sexy and elegant with this hair style! :D

    H silks are very addictive you know. Once you start, you can't stop (at least that's what happened to me..LOL) as they are making gorgeous pieces every season! Hehe!

    Nice catching up! Have a great week ahead!

    P.S. Your son has grown so much! He's becoming more and more handsome! :D I'm sure after 10 years, you will need to look out for girls chasing after him....hehehehe!


  8. Hi Maria,
    cashmere shawl sounds great to me...

    i saw one i like but i am going to wait for more options later...maybe around xmas.
    grr, can't believe i am talking about xmas already.

    you too have a good week

  9. Hi Mia,

    long time no chat...

    we have been busy this summer. the weekend just flew by. we did a lot of stuff. had great deal of fun.

    summer is the best time of the year for me and my family.

    i saw the pink color La Vie Du Grand Nord online. wonder it is the same one you are getting... i got the purple, just as the picture posted.

    thank you for the comment about my boy. he is growing fast, he got a lot longer this summer. he is a huge eye candy to me. lucky me. :D

  10. thank you for dropping by, Scarf. :)