Thursday, August 26, 2010

Action Packed Wednesday

we rushed to the mall after the Museum. and me and my family went to the lil B's new parents party after the mall. i was exhausted by the time we got back home from such a busy day.

the picture of me and gorgeous girlfriend Linlin in Anthropologie store,  little discreet sales room. I did not get anything as usual. neither did my friends. 

Linlin was carrying her new Balenciaga City.


i was wearing: H scarf, ToryBurch top, RM mac bag


while we were in Anthropologie store, we picked a quiet spot with good lighting for picture-taking.


lil B's was eating pretzel in that picture.


his portrait right before he fell and had his face scratched that night.  he cried a couple of time when he realized he got a ugly scratch on his face.

thanks God, his scratch on the face seems fading fast... i think it will be all gone in a week.

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