Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Activity: Children's Museum & Dinner

 due to the bad weather, we changed our outdoor plan to indoor. 
this ball thing was new to the boys. they spent quite a long time there.

it is so wonderful to have a friend who loves photographing. i am usually the one takes pictures for people. now it feels great to have pictures taken for a change.   those priceless moment were kept in our computers forever. people who doesn't like taking pictures must have great memory...


my outfit for the museum and dinner: Tory Burch caftan dress, Prada black patent slides and Ferragamo hobo.

two happy mommies


she is just so precious.  i blurred the picture for some privacy protection. but you can tell they are both beautiful.


finally dinner time! we were all starving..


My husband named her style  as 'Japanese Style'.  because it reminds him the time spent in Japan.
sweet, lovely, chic, comfortable...simply gorgeous.


  1. thanks Maria, the dress is also very comfortable...

    oh i got another NM perk card. this time only $25. enough for you to have a meal in NM when you shop there... let me know if you want it. i can drop it in the mail. :)

  2. Hi Julia,

    Beautiful dress. You are looking very happy in this pics. Friendship is awesome:) aww...and your son is too cute. NM perk card sounds good. How you get those? I'll email you soon.

  3. Wow, your Kaftan is beautiful! such lovely pictures xx

  4. Thanks Claud,
    please email me and let me know. the card is good till 10/25/2010.

  5. Thank you Sarah for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! xoxo