Monday, July 12, 2010

Taupe Coral Combo

lil B zipped up mommy's dress for the first time today. he had a blush when i praised him. this is the sweetest relationship i could ever hope for.

i see my Big arm (holding camera) muscle showing in this picture - not exactly what i want to achieve in the gym, but they are the part of the deal.  to do yoga moves, i can't avoid using my upper body strength.


one of my mommy friends bought this Cynthia Steffe dress too, after she saw it on me. she would look much better in the dress since she has narrow shoulders and slim arms.

these slides are buttery soft. i got some compliments on these today.

i just realized i have two coral bags. oh well...

some bling for my ears.


  1. lovely color combo! i like how you added some jazz to your outfit with the summery slides and bag. your arms look toned and sexy... not too big at all lah.

  2. thank you Betsy,

    i think with right light and angel, my arms can look 'stronger' than i want. but it seems my husband likes strong arms..haha.. so he can count on me to help him lift heavy stuff.

    hope you and kids are having a nice summer so far...

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