Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Joie Leopard Print Racerback Tank

today is cloudy and rainy. my smart camera made out this picture for me with very limited light. 

i scored the silk top from one of the sales lately. it was at 70% off. but of course, now they have additional 20% off, but my size was long gone...

with my turquoise nail color, i need to be a little careful with what i wear. color clash is not what i want.


these cute shoes were my first option for the outfit but i ended up wearing a pair of water proof flip flop because it was drizzling outside.


it's such a nice program for pre-schoolers. every time they show different animals to kids. today they showed two feisty ferrets.  kids were very entertained by them.


  1. Hi, Julia: haha..your scarf matches well with the Buddha pendant - and I can imagine that also goes well with your turquoise nail polish:)

  2. thanks Amelie,
    yes, they all matched up! haha..

    the green jade i wore is a Goddess of Mercy. it belongs to my husband but i keep wearing it lately...

    i am superstitious, i hope for good luck from Goddess of Mercy.