Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Day Wearing

as a result of climate change/global warming, we are having a heat wave this week. this is second or third time this summer.
it was so hot i did not take picture for my yesterday's outfit; instead, i rushed into a cool shower after got back from lil B's museum routine.  before we went out again today to have a lunch date with DH, i took picture first.  i dress as summery as i ever could.  it is hard to think about being fashionable when it is 100 degree out.


i also lost some appetite for food due to the hot weather, but i dont think i lost any weight. i dont know if my body/weigh ever gonna change. i have been just like this since i was 15.


prada ombre slides from last year collection, or maybe two years ago...
here is a pair of prada on sale at all sizes. they even come with a prada travel case:

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