Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movie Night: Last Air-bender

"sex and city II" movie was out of theater already... not that i planned to watch it.  i can definitely wait it to be out in dvd.
 summer is a good time for watching some great movies in the theatre. we watched 'toy story 3' and 'last air bender' so far. i got teary eyes watching both movies.

we watch movie then we go to restaurant. i dont like taking pictures in restaurants. that's just me. i do love food.


without a hat... i can't believe i got this top from Macy's, it was not on sale but it was only like $60 something. the cutout details on the shoulders are charming. i also like the neckline deco.

turquoise nail polish is in this summer. i tried it on and loved it. DH said it looked neat. and that is a compliment coming from him.


cobalt patent wedges are very comfy...


  1. I love that shirt, Julia! The whole outfit is very cute!

    I ended up getting that lace dress/tunic in black. I can't wait to receive it! I was tempted to get the white one too, but I will wait until it's marked down even more.

    Have a wonderful week, Julia!

  2. thank you Maria,
    oh you got black. it is a great choice. ... i dont know when it will be on sale again. please send me a email if you can get better deal. i want to get a navy one.

    you too have a great week!

  3. Nice outfit Julia! Loving your nails..the color is very pretty :)
    Now, I'm curious to know the brand of the lace dress/tunic?? Adorable dress. I'd like to check it out in the navy color (one of my fave colors) xoxo ~c

  4. HI Claudia,
    thank you for noticing my new nail color. :-)

    i am sending you a email about your question now...hehe.