Sunday, July 25, 2010

H Temptation

Jypsiere is another fabulous bag from H.  it is perfect, period. i was so attempted to get this one. then i picture myself wearing it in various occasions i usually go to... a hands on mom with a not-so-posh life style - it just doesnt feel right.  i must hold it off!  but to some cool professionals, this is THE bag,


i could not just leave empty handed. so i ended up getting this. my size finally appeared. it was on my shopping list.


  1. Oh.. I like Hermes Jypsiere so very much - especially its large size + blue jean color. However, the price tag is a bit too much for me to handle now^^

  2. Hi Amelie,

    i backed off in front of that price tag too... i called Vegas store to see if i can get one free of tax... forget it. i dont really need it. i dont need it at all actually.

    down the road, i will get a bag from H. not sure what it will be. i am not very interested in birkins any more. i want a new and cool design.

  3. Truly tempting!!!!
    As far as the belt a black one is on my wish list for a long time...

  4. Congrats on the belt! It's definitely getting a lot of use in my closet. :D What color would you like for your first H bag?

  5. Hi Anna,

    thank you for coming... a black h belt is a must-have. you will have another color when you get your black belt... it's like getting two belts.

  6. thank you Betsy,
    now i have two h belts, which covers all my belt needs.

    i think for my first H bag, i want the color looks just like the picture i posted. how about you?

  7. I've thought about it tons of times and I have to say I would probably go with some color. I favor Kelly the most and it would be nice to have it in shocking pink or the same color that Miacillin got recently. Just gorgeous!

  8. Hi Betsy,
    so you are going to get a bright color kelly.. you have to show some pictures on tpf so i can see. you always have great taste. i am sure it will be a great choice for you.

    i can't see myself get a pink. i am afraid it is too tender for my age.

    i am going to see what Mia got.