Monday, June 7, 2010


last week gone by super fast.  
 i did not sleep well for a few nights in a row.
my picture above reveals i have a knot inside my head. hah.

girly kate spade sandals to go with my floral embroidery white dress.
this year, i bought another white dress with lace sleeves and neckline.

Anya Hindmarch mirror shoulder bag

saks designer sale score.

another saks designer score- burberry jersey mini dress

little B at chinese culture festival...the poster, the bicycles...very meaningful

dancing lions at chinese culture festival

...and, the lion dancers are not chinese!


  1. Julia, I love your Burberry mini dress! I think it will look great on you!

    Hope your headache is gone and you are feeling a bit better now!

  2. Julia - hope you get well soon! Are you going to pair that Prada Wedge with Burberry T-dress? That will look chic!

  3. Thank you Mona!

    headache is gone. :) i am good again. hehe...

    if you ever come across that burberry mini, order a size up. the shoulder of that dress is very small.

    good nite. xoxo

  4. Hi Amelie,

    i love your name. my son's new favorite girl's name is Emelie. :) they are so sweet to each other. i love that cute little girl.

    thank you for concerning. i am good as new again. although my mommy friend found some white hair on my head today... i need to learn not to let things bother me too much.

    hope to 'see' you soon,

  5. Glad to know your "headaches" are resolved and gone:)

    Please say hi to your dear son for me - from another Amelie - older but still cute (ha..ha..)