Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

what a good daddy would do on his day? stuff for his kids of course!

we put lots of sun screen on and rushed to Davis Farm Land, where you play with all sorts of animals then cool down in the water splash park.

little B had a great time. his weekend was all about water
since it was very hot both days.
yesterday we were at the pool. water was very warm.
we all had a good time, and some tan.


showing his nurturing nature to a little goat (brush its hair) and chick.


  1. You must have a hat collection, very nice for the summer! I like this one a lot, it would keep the sun of my face and make it look chic-er with big glasses!lol.

    Looks like your DS had much fun in the water, isn't it funny how they get so thrilled to get wet and we don't?

  2. thank you, Mads.
    yup, hats are great for summer. i would grow more spots on my face if i weren't careful. i just found a product that will get rid of some unsightly spots on my face, which i got from aging and sun damage.

    i dont like get wet. yesterday, i was just sitting in the shade and watching ds and dh playing in the water splash park.

    i read your post about your father's day with family yesterday before i posted mine. :)

  3. The picture of your son with the little goat is just adorable! It looks like he had a fun time!