Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zac Posen Skirt

i had to return a dress bought from Nordstrom online.
so i dressed up and took lil B to the mall today before his Karate class

we had a nice lunch in the Met Grill and Bar before we went to the stores.  let's see, some certain spoiled lil person always manage getting  himself new trucks when he goes shopping with mommy...he doesn't do shopping escort and dinner/lunch partner for free.


i just got this Zac Posen pencil skirt.
the white T with star embellishment is YSL

my first choice was this MBMJ tee. they looked nice together in theory. but when i put it on, it created some unflattering lines as it is a soft/thin tee. at the end,  i opted white crisp YSL tee. it made the pencil skirt look less formal.

in case you wonder what i returned to Nordstrom: Alexander Wang grey dress. my husband voted it off when he saw it on me, he said the front piece created extra bulk on my belly...


  1. Thank you for visitng, Blackisthenewblack.

    I watched your beautiful video on your blog...

    Wish you a wonderful 4th July weekend with your handsome fiance. :)