Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Sales

almost all of big department stores started their summer sales by now.

i had a pair of Burberry wood slides on when i was shopping in NM. they hurt because i wore them for longer than i should, and plus i ran in them for about 8 minutes as lil B was escaped (when i was chatting with another mommy) in the Museum he goes every Wed. So, the result was a new pair of comfy shoes on the shelf of NM shoe salon. i saw a few pairs of Chanel flat sandals on sale, but none was more comfortable than these Prada slides. they look like something i would wear often.


this is the DvF silk Jersey dress i pre-ordered. a little drape details on one side, in this year's popular color combo.


i found a store in the mall sells all sorts of hair accessories, i think the owner is a Korean woman. and this is the one i picked. it makes a nice bun & pony-tail mix. very easy to use.


my new favorite eye shadow combo.

****i ordered bunch stuff from saks and nordstrom too, they will be here one by one next week.  stay toned.

last, there is a beautiful summer hobo by Salvatore Ferragamo on sale, it is a hidden sale, so here is the link:
i got one for its good price, i like the texture of the leather too. i dont think i have that color in my bag collection. -  i am trying to justify this purchase, hahaha.

let me add another Alexander Wang bag on sale in case someone is looking for one:
mmj totally turnlock:

Happy Shopping!


  1. Love the DVF dress and your Ferragamo hobo! Great picks!

  2. i was not very sure about SF hobo... thank you for the assurance. i need it. :)

    i am kinda impulsive sometimes.