Friday, June 11, 2010

Corporate Perks

today's' outfit

i had a pretty decent Friday morning
as my Choos clogs and BV bag arrived.

under the same roof, some certain person has more fun than
a stay home mom (which is me).
he went to watch Laker vs Celtics game without us last night!
his company paid for it of course, and next he is flying to DC for one day
just to play golf with people from head office there.

going through all the pictures from last night game, i can't help noticing too many cheers leaders pictures.
one of the DH's co-workers got his picture taken with cheers leaders. he looked very excited in the picture.Hah.

little B doesn't bowl well but he loves doing it.
- passion is the best teacher.


  1. Julia, I love your outfit! You look great!

  2. thank you very much, Mona!
    i will try to post another outfit tomorrow..

    have a great evening!