Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blind Busy

i am trying, and  trying, and trying...
to make my life more interesting than it is.
it's never an issue when it comes how fast time goes by,
but at the end of the day, i feel...restless some nights.

i rarely wear flats. i found this picture in my file and thought to myself, flats don't look bad on me, even they don't make me look taller. 

this skirt is shortened. i have not got a chance to take a picture for the new version.

that's why i don't wear my hair down much. it is not a flattery style to me.

taking pictures for my outfits gives me a good idea what doesn't work for me.

just caught up with Rachel's blog, the beaded sandals from her friend's shop reminded me of these beauty, which were buried in somewhere my closets. i shall not forget to wear them this summer! 


  1. Julia, I love the way that blue skirt looks on you! Also, I really like those jeweled heels, I think they will be perfect for those summer evenings or nights out!

    And I know what you mean about feeling restless some days .. I always feel at the end of the day that I could have done something more exciting and adventurous. But my time is taken up by daily routine, so lots of days seem to go by unnoticed in one way or another. I guess I need to inject some more happiness and special "me" time in my life :o)

    Have a great weekend! Look forward to your next post!

  2. Happy Weekend Mona,

    the blue bandage skirt is a good piece, i still have yet to find a right partner for her...

    i do have a show night next weekend when i could wear these jeweled slides... but i have to see what outfit i will wear to the show. it's shame these shoes have never been worn outside the house.

    it feels like you were reading my mind...that's exactly what i feel about my days. it is scary how fast we get older by this way. but how to inject some more happiness and special 'me' time in our life, without some other sacrifices? i feel stuck at this point. i told my mom that i was meant to be a supporting role to my husband and my son's fabulous life. they have it all or will have it all...

    you too have a nice weekend! -xoxo

  3. Julia, I understand 100%!

    I think we can all be better partners to our spouses, if we take time to do things for ourselves. I know it seems impossible, especially once you have a child. I still find myself struggling on everyday basis, trying to find the right balance.

    But over time I've had to learn to be a bit "selfish" and do things for myself, things that I enjoy and love to do. It can be anything that can ultimately make your day and make you happy.

    I always tell my husband that "happy wife=happy life" :) It might sound like such a cliche, but it is so true!