Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last Weekend


  1. HI Julia, your son reminds me of my older son- with the energy and the cute smile. You guys always look like your having fun, and hopefully your son is not a picky eater like my little guy, did he eat a lot at the chinese fondue?

  2. Hi Sharon,
    my son is not very picky to the food. he is not big on chinese hot pot though... we ordered some little dim sim for him on the side.

    yes we are always looking for fun activities. I am trying hard. too hard sometimes. hehe..

  3. Julia, I love this laid-back, casual look on you!

    You look great!

    P. S. I must say the food looks delicious :)

  4. Mona, you are welcome to come over and we will take you to that restaurant. :)