Friday, December 2, 2011

winter coat


  1. Hi Julia,

    Great coat! All your photos are as great as always! My collection is growing slowly, but steadily. :-) I wanted to get an Hermes Kelly this year, but I haven't found the exact color/leather/HW combo I want. Hopefully early next year!

    How about you? I'm sure you have added several fabulous bags/shoes/scarves to your amazing collection!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Julia!

    Take care,

  2. Ahhh..white coat is a refreshing look from the usual dark colours.

  3. Hi CSC,

    Thank you for the lovely note. Kelly is a pretty bag, I hope you find a combo you like. It is hard i know, so many beautiful colors to choose from.

    i am pretty much the same, yes i added some new stuff. my small house is stuffed. hehe...

    you too have a good weekend

  4. Hi Chic,
    i got a unique deep red Marc Marc Jacob down coat this winter. I still yet to take pictures for it. it is big and warm. i love it.