Monday, August 29, 2011

The Second Camping Trip


  1. I like the first pic :)

    Life seems to be quite adventurous to you lately...lotsa activities :)

  2. Yes, we have been keep busy. the summer is almost over, we try to enjoy it as much as we could. soon we will have a fun Auntumn, then long cold snowy winter. I hope i will have enough funds to do lots of xmas shopping. haha :-)

  3. That's the beauty of having 4 seasons. :) We only have 3 here--> hot, hotter, hottest!
    One day ... One day I hope to bring the sons for a ski :p

  4. Ah, very adventurous!! I have never done camping as I am way too breakfast in bed kind gal.. ( I am adventurous but morning and evening time, I prefer sleep on bed. haha... )

    Long time to see and I was reading older posts which brings back memories. ^^ I am glad you are doing great!!
    xo Rachel