Sunday, August 7, 2011

Whale Watch

I made a video of Whale Watch. it took up the rest of the space on my camera... so i ended up taking zero picture for the amazing creature. - lesson learned: always remember to delete pictures already been downloaded off the camera. Hub did remind me to charge battery before we went... but that was just not enough, haha..


  1. Julia, I love this outfit! The hat and the skirt look wonderful on you!

    Your son is an absolute cutie!

  2. thanks Mona,
    the hat is huge. i just want the maxi coverage from the sun.

    can you give me your email address? thanks

  3. Julia, my e-mail is Feel free to e-mail me anytime!

    We are heading to French Riviera at the end of this week, for a couple of days of well-deserved rest under the sun :)

    The summer in London has been so rainy that we just need to get away for a little while!

  4. Your days are fun filled...packed with activities with the son! How lovely! :)

  5. HI Chic,

    thank you. we try to arrange activities for B to enjoy his little childhood. hehe...

    actually that day we went to whale watch was very hot and humid. we were in a long line to get on the boat... hub was soaked. B and i went to a pavilion to take pictures while he was waiting in line... the ocean was cool thought,we put on the jacket. i could not really stay on the deck because of my short skirt. the strong wind blow it wide open... i am telling you, some guys were really watching!