Sunday, January 16, 2011

Minnie Mouse Skirt

i was not sure about this outfit this morning when i put it on.  but time ran out, i was pushed out of door.  everybody is sick of me being late... time to change.

gosh, so high key - shiny booties, shiny bag, red jacket, polka dot skirt... i looked like i was desperately looking for attention. hmm.

beautiful boys always look effortless adorable.

...add a butterfly background. it's easy to slide from being bold to being tacky. i think i was hanging on the edge with this outfit.

better without red jacket, maybe?

B was eating breakfast while waiting for his play date.

watching a chick to be out of the egg shell...

building an airplane together


  1. Julia, I really like the skirt! I think it would look especially great in the summer, with a round neck, short-sleeved black top!

  2. Thanks Mona for the great idea. I totally will try that. :)