Friday, January 21, 2011

A Snowy Winter Day

this morning, we woke up to a white world with flying snow in the air.

whole family stayed in. husband had to work. B tried to keep himself occupied.. there he was playing xbox in his comfy PJ.  as for me,  i caught up with some readings online/fashion magazines.

snow stopped in the afternoon. we were out to dig the car out. snow truck was already there pushing snow around and making snow mountains.

since we stuck-ed in the house, i had time to take pictures for the stuff i got during xmas and after xmas...
(*you can see the details with brand name when you click on the picture).
a navy toggle wool coat with plaid lining and hood.

this sweater just arrived in the mail today. the neck warmer is removable for more versatile looks.

a beret hat with bow

a cashmere sweater with rabbit fur trim and sequin.


  1. really cute photos of your son! I missed the snow.


  2. thanks Vivien,
    ... I am thinking, it's time for you to get a cute angel. :)

    will send you a email soon.

  3. you have some great new stuffs :D kisses

  4. Hi Manuella,

    thank you for the comment. so glad you found my blog - nice to meet you. :) i just checked out yours...