Monday, January 10, 2011

Poncho and Shorts

Our two years old Samsung Washing Machine broke.  I decided to get a new washing machine and not buy Samsung any more. And washing machine is not the only thing broken in our household. things breaks one by one. never stops. if things stops breaking for a while,  something else goes wrong, like my teeth, or whatever...

Life can be frustrating but when I am spending time with B, I always hear a bird singing happy songs in my heart.

I am happy with this pose but lighting is very off.  no wonder B told me he could not see me in the camera when he took this picture.

He did not forget to get his picture taken as exchange.

He loves noodles...

I received some compliments about my boots and poncho sweater in the mall.

the Coach bag has a rich tone and texture. I took the tag off for a more clean look.

these boots are more fashionable version of Ugg, a Italian brand that no longer in market. 

I have this poncho sweater for 2 years now. it is cashmere and cotton mix.


  1. Hi Julia,

    So pretty! I always enjoy reading your posts ^.^

  2. Very chic attire fitting for winter! love the poncho sweater!:)

  3. Love the poncho sweater!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Claudia,
    thank you for coming over.

    good luck in the new year.

  5. Hi Mads,
    I just started to see your post again. i wondered... I hope everything is good with your and your little girl.

    blogging is a good way to keep each other updated.

  6. Hi Mona,

    welcome back from your long trip! how was it??

    Best luck in new year!

  7. Hi, Julia!

    Thank you for asking, the trip was ok. It wasn't what we expected, because Heathrow airport was shut due to the bad weather. That resulted in some severe delays in our flight schedule + my daughter got very sick, had high fever. So the whole trip has been exhausting instead of relaxing. I am just glad to be back, to be honest.

    Thank you for your kind wishes! Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

  8. Hi Mona,
    sorry to hear about your trip.

    travel can be unpleasant. some of my trips in the past turned bad... i am hoping my coming trip to shanghai will turn out to be a good one.