Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lady's Day Out at Lotus

Every two month, we get together and enjoy some time without kids and husbands. We went to this nice Taiwan buffet place today. After 2 hours lunch, other ladies went to a new beauty salon owned by a friend's friend.  I had to drive home because my belly bothered me. I believe I had too much of that yummy red bean soup...

too much of good stuff can turn bad. indulging needs to be under control.

 there, i have two faces! when i look at husband's camera.
when i look at myself in the mirror 

i had a pair of booties on when i was out. they went much better with the outfit.  i did not want to bring dirt to our bedroom so i put on a pair of clean shoes for the photo. The top is M Missoni with attached scarf. Ferragamo clutch.

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