Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Raining Day Outfit

Yesterday I decided I need a garment rack - like those at the fashion show back stage. I will put together a outfit and hang them on this rack when my inspiration hits or when I see a cool outfit on fashion magazine.  it fits up to 15 outfits. So, next time, before i head out, i can just look at that rack and pick one of them!

It rained a lot today, we went out as we planned. I did not actually bring my new bag because of the rain. But the rest outfit seemed fine for a rainy day to run some errands and meet friend for lunch/chat.


  1. The bag is absolutely gorgeous, Julia! Congrats!

    I love the color, it really sets it apart from all the other GST colors that I've seen!

  2. Thank you Mona,
    it is a great color. it is a new color from 11p. I think it is better than beige. Chanel has some gorgeous colors for classic bags once in while, we just have to watch it closely. :-)

    enjoy the rest of the weekend