Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lunch at Sel de la Terre

Brown is not my color choice. But this brown cardi was sitting on the top of my sweater pile, i thought it was there for a reason.

but now i am looking at this outfit i was in, something was not right or not stylish about it. but this was what i wore to a lunch -planned,  and B's playdate- coincident.

B's bff got a new pair of *super cool* sneaker, so did he.  I did not get anything...from this trip.


  1. I think the brown knit and your dress really echo the colors on each other.... love it! ^^
    Love your hair do which makes you look very young! ^^

    I host a GIVEAWAY from DR. Perricone skin care products and thought you might be interested.

    Join us for the fun. xo Rachel

  2. Thanks R., yes, i am interested. Please also give some feedback on this product...

  3. I'm thinking maybe your bag could've been a different color since you already have lots of brown/earthy tones. These days, I try to have an interesting pop of color in my wardrobe to jazz things up a bit.

  4. thanks Betsy,
    I love your idea. they say new fashion rule is not to match your shoes with your purse.

    bright colors are in trend. i decide to embrace this trend too.

  5. Love this outfit! Looking great, Julia!