Friday, February 4, 2011

A Good Way to Spend Friday Afternoon

as a mother of two, my friend, Sarah is buried by the endless chores... when I offered a make-over, she gladly accepted it.

I took these pictures before I rolled up sleeves and got to the work.

after 35 minutes, Tada -

 during NM last call sale,  I asked her to shop with me. she went, and first thing we picked out for her was these Manolos. they are so versatile, and elegant!  she looked like a million bucks in them!

DvF dress is one of my must- buy every season.  She got a piece too, without doubt. It looked stunning on her. and again, these versatile Manolos went perfectly with the dress.

Need to say more? :-)


  1. yup. make- over brought out her beauty that hides behind her busy mommy routine.

  2. Great job Julia! So sweet of you to offer a make-over to your friend! You have very good skills! As Chinese says, 一技旁身,世界通行! :D

  3. You're amazing! She looks stunning!

  4. aww Mia, thank you for considering it as a skill. only if i work as a make up artist or stylish, it is a skill. for now, it is a waste. :/

  5. HI Cosyhaven,

    thank you for visiting my blog. thanks for your compliment for both me and my friend. :-)