Friday, February 18, 2011

Went to Chanel Bloomie Store

My friend and I had a great time at Chanel store today. after lunch, she made up her mind and went back to the store.  this gorgeous caviar jumbo classic flap came home with her at the end of the day.

i got a little something too. a pair of cute earrings.

wearing a Missoni dress with attached scarf.


  1. Hey Julia! How are you doing? Finally got some time to drop by. Wow, did you cut your hair? I love your new hairdo!! And your Missoni dress is so cute with the scarf! You know I'm super addicted to scarves (esp. Hermes scarves)...hehehehe! Congrats on being an enabler to your friend and scored yourself a lovely earring! I went to our local Chanel the other day.....I love the shoes from SS2011!! But since my Paris trip is coming next month, will wait for my trip before buying anything. So much temptations now! :P Have a great week ahead!

    P.S. Your lovely B is becoming more and more handsome each day....:D


  2. Hi, really nice bag your friend just got. Is it grey or dark grey? could not tell which photo is closer to the real colour. Sorry about the other day... I should not have this habbit of simply generalizing people and things I have encountered...


  3. Hi Mia,
    I am doing good. same...
    what have your been busy on? family stuff? relatives visits?... or just your son?

    i had a hair cut. long hair was gone. felt really nice and light. :)

    so you are going to Paris again. how nice. i wish i could go too. then my husband will hate i turn the trip into a shopping trip or only partially shopping. i think you got a extremely sweet and understanding hubby.

    thanks for the wonderful comment for B.

    xxx -J

  4. Hello Vivien,

    she got a a black caviar leather flap. it looks like charcoal, isn't it? my silly camera could not capture the true color...

    i forget about what you said, but i will send you a email later.

    talk soon