Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recent Purchase

while we are getting another 2 feet of snow, Mr. FedEx showed up at my door and i signed this box from BergdorfGoodman...

Thakoon silk dress

it's an origami design, the back is gorgeous. it is hard to tell all the cool details without being on a model. I will definitely take picture when i am ready to wear it this summer.

Green M Missoni jersey dress with attached green/brown zig zag scarf.

same dress in black color with black white zig zag scarf attached.
both dresses have side pockets for casual vibe.  which means i can wear them more often.

RalphLauren Blue Label cream lace/ruffle tunic. it has a vintage vibe.

every winter, i pick up a couple of Wolford tights.


  1. Hi Julia!! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year from Hong Kong! Wish you health, happiness, prosperity and abundance in the Year of the Rabbit!

    It's been a long time already! How are you doing? OMG! I really really love all your newest purchases! All from BG? You have a very good eye for prints. Love the prints on your Thakoon dress and the strong color contrast of the Missoni dress. I am super in love with your Ralph Lauren white blouse! May I ask how much is it? Is it from SS2011? If you have the style number, do you mind sharing with me so I can look for it here? Hehe! Love that vintage vibe and the details! I also bought some chiffon and silk ruffle blouses from Ralph Lauren last season - 1 in brown and another in sheer black. They really make some nice blouses...hehe!

    I just updated my blog with a new post and saw your message there. Thanks so much for letting me know about that forum...I can't believe I am a "subject of interest"! LOL! Anyway, I guess I'll just register there and then post sth. to clear out the fuss...hehe! Thank you so much again for backing me up there. Really appreciate it!

    So any celebration there for CNY? My relatives and in laws just left our home a while ago....we had a very delicious Chinese New Year Eve dinner and I am so full now! LOL! Too much food! I can't remember how many pieces of "nian gao" and "luo bo gao" I've eaten! Hehehehehe!

    Anyway, chat with you soon! Need to take shower now and calm down...LOL! Have a great day there! Chat soon!


  2. Julia, love all the purchases! Congrats!

  3. Hi Mia,

    Thank you for your lovely long note for me. :) I missed you here.

    The white tunic you are interested was not from BG. It was from Ralphlauren website. I dig out the order confirmation email, and found the details for you:

    item# 4337904;
    Name: Lisa Cotton and Lace Tunic.

    Hopefully you can locate one. it is so you. the quality is good and it is from their Blue Label. which is my favorite among all of their collections.

    you should register on that website. it is all north american chinese. it is fun and informative at the same time... you will have some fun visiting it, i am sure.

    not much celebration for CNY here... since my husband is not a chinese. but i celebrated it in my own ways...

    hope to get to chat with you soon again.

    best wishes to you in the year of rabbit!

  4. thanks Mona!
    what did you buy recently??

  5. Hi Julia! Thanks so much for the details of your RL white tunic! Really appreciate it. I love RL Blue Label too! Unfortunately (or I should say fortunately for my wallet...LOL!), it's already sold out. Hope to find something similar next time.

    I must have eaten too much oily things during the CNY.....now having sore throat and cough....all 3 of us - Mason, my DH and myself! :(

    BTW, I know you love H scarves too...I'm totally addicted to it! Have you seen the SS2011 scarves lately? This season's collection is just marvelous! Do take a look at the boutique when you have time. :D

    Chat soon!