Thursday, February 24, 2011

YSL Tribute Sandals

I was looking for these lower heels Tribute sandals for a while. One day, my size appeared. I got them right away.

This week is school winter break. I arranged bunch stuff for B to enjoy. Tomorrow is last day. i can't help noticing the driving distance to his play places is further and further! from 20 miles to 23 to 35... I get his smile and kisses as my shuttle service payment. 


  1. Ah!! *envy* I've been eyeing those lower-heel Tributes as well. They are sooooo yummy and I so want them. Too bad I just can't pay retail for them at least not right now.

  2. these lower heels Tribute are very popular... no sales any where. i used my reward card on these. it feels a little better.