Friday, February 11, 2011

LV Wallets

Before LV gone up price this past Tuesday, I got a little wallet for when i use my smaller purse. Together with my other LV wallet. I love colorful lining of both wallets.

My real Valentine's Day gift is a Chanel bag from husband.  it is from Chanel current season, i had it reserved. hopefully it will arrive soon.

B has no class today. We were going to meet with friend in the mall but we ended up running errands. B had his visa photo taken, i also took some pictures for him. I dressed up a little bit nice for the mall (did not go at the end), wearing a shimmering lavender long cardi with Etro top underneath, carrying a navy BV hobo, Hudson skinny and SW heels.

i got some beauty stuff today in the mail.  I used Dior pink coral lip color today - it is a very light color, almost like nude. i also used this Nars eye make up primer - it works just as it says it would. no smudge all day.

I am finally going to give DDF toner a try...  


  1. Oh adorable pictures of your son as always. The LVs are gorgeous. Love your casual yet chic outfit too.

  2. thanks Claudia,
    he is always perfect. i wish i was like that.
    Lv Wallets are the best, i am glad i got one before price gone up. how about you?