Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Hair Cut

The past week was fun packed for B.  We are enjoying a relaxing weekend. We went to Chinatown for dinner, and did some shopping in the mall later.

We ordered something out of ordinary at this popular crowded Chinese Dumpling House. Dh (dear husband) ordered a sea-bass in super spicy hot pot...I got a jellyfish dish. 

the last two pictures were B's snack time snacks. the heart thing is gummy bear actually, but the rest are healthy stuff...


  1. Really like your new haircut, quite elegant. Your son's snack face was cute! Take care...

  2. Hi Betsy,

    Thank you! nice for a a change... change makes life less boring.

    enjoy the rest of the weekend

  3. HI Vivien,
    thank you for leaving me a comment. You still have that long straight hair with bang?

    B's very big on snacks. he doesnt do too well with 3 formal meals a day. so he is hungry all the time. but i like feeding him. :-) very satisfying...

  4. Hehe... This "hungary all the time" thing is so familiar. My puppies were like that and they still are. I know it is not proper to compare in this way, but could not help. They are like my children. All the little ones are so cute and similar in certain ways. I do take your advice to consider the possibility to have little angel(s). It is such huge responsibility though. You really look great - very fresh and radiant! take care.

  5. yeah... i wear make up. but keep it minimum on my skin to make sure my natural complexion comes through. otherwise, i will look like wearing too much foundation or something.

    i spend most of the effort and time on my eye make up...

    will send you a email in a second.

  6. I LOVE it Julia, very chic yet modern!!!