Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Book I read: Short Girls

I have not been updated my blog for a while. The reason is I was sucked into a book written by a Vietnamese author, Short Girls. It's about two Vietnamese sisters, Van and Linny.

I am also an Asian immigrant myself. Although i could not quite relate myself to being short/small, and being second generation of Vietnamese refugee, I smiled now and then while i was reading the book.

I also learned a lot of new stuff, things like "Asian Once-over". what is it? -" it's the accessing look so many Asian American girls had to give each other upon meeting or passing on a street. A way of gaining cred and territory. as if to determine which of them was going to be the alpha girl"

I do pay more attention to Asian girl than to non-Asian girl. i am not too sure what my reason is though. I picked this book because the author is an Asian American woman. I tend to make friends with Asian because I am more myself when i hang out with them...

oh btw, here is a picture of new appliances we bought last week, the new wall color dh just painted. i like the combination a lot. Next he is going to replace the carpet in our living room with bamboo hardwood floor. i hope ds will adjust to it well and not to have more bruises on his legs. hehe..


  1. that's quite a bold color for a kitchen, but me likey! i think bambo floor will definitely be easier to clean for you guys. i've always wanted to change out our carpeted area as well.

    i'm often drawn to asian women as well, so i definitely know the 'asian once-over' though i never knew that's what it was called. lol

  2. Besty,
    the new color in our kitchen is daring. but it actually looks very good. when people first heard about the color, they looked unsure. then when they see it in person, they all live it. i still can't believe my husband picked this color - this is so not him. lol.

    it is so nice to change things like that in the house to have some new feelings.