Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A mellow day in the Mall

weather has been super hot lately. it is 95 degree today. we decided to go to the mall and stay cool, and shop. :)

my mother in law loves malls (duh, who doesn't?). she always ends up buying some stuff if she goes to a mall. I was a good girl today - i did not buy anything for myself.

the floral dress with bead works on the neckline is MaxMara.
the white slides are Fendi;
the white bag is Shanghaitang.

my mother in law was teaching my son to keep his shoes on in public playground. so he doesnt end up getting some foot virus.

her whole outfit is Lauren by RalphLauren. Shoes are Sketcher, which she bought in the mall today. she could not wait to put them on for comfort. :) earlier on, she had her black patent leather Birkenstock on.


ds' favorite store in the mall - LEGO store!

he left the store with a big smile on his face and a bright yellow LEGO shopping bag in his hands. It was almost as big as he is, but he insist to carry it himself.

** click on the pictures for their original sizes.


  1. IT is always nice to have extra hand w/ kid around... I always feel that it is great for my kids to have grand parents around since their commutation and interaction will help to bridge the gap in between.

  2. yes, i can take some breaks now with my mother in law with us. and it is so nice to see my son is loved so much by his grandma. i am very happy for him, and for my mother in law. she always wanted to spend time with her only grandson, and she finally got what she wished for. :)

  3. That's great that your MIL is so helpful with DS. As much as I complain about my ILs being so involved in our lives, I cannot help but admit that it's wonderful to have grandparents that are so loving to the kids. It's the kids' good fortune to having more people love them, right? :)