Saturday, August 29, 2009

Red Carpet - Chinese HuaBiao Movie Award

**all pictures' origin are marked on the bottom.


  1. hello Julia, how are you doing? Just want to let u know that I am still following each of ur daily dress up routine ( hehe, and I love it as always),It's been a whole month that I was so busy with Mom, Dad visited fr. Cali., then could not had spare time to chat or * mod.* !!!! Surely, I will jump in here more often, and look forward to see more of your ideas for this season new look--write me at our usual place * u are what...* Send u my bigest hug !

  2. Hey Hey my dear friend Ri.,

    so you have been very busy this summer...

    I am so glad you leave your comments here now.

    well, it is a whole month of your parent's visit. i am having my mother in law here for almost 3 months. she will go back to her husband in mid Oct.

    i am sorry that i have abandoned our old place in TPF. we had a lot of fun there though. finally i decided that it was better for me to start a blog. but if you are still using the place, i will go there and check out your pictures for sure.