Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fabulous Wednesday Routine

I know DS is getting tired of his pre-school program in Eco on Wednesday. Since his grandma is here and he had this burst of passion to show her around this morning.

during Story Time, they showed three animals today. I could not spell the name of first two, but i know the last one is a Lizard from Australia. they are lovely animals. to think that some of our shoes/bags/belts are made of lizard skin made me feel bad for a while.

i got my mother in law take this one picture for me and my son in front of a deer alike (don't remember its real name).

i was wearing a cami (about the cami, see; Vince blue stripe shorts; MK belt; and Prada sandals.

my mother in law was wearing Talbots, one of her favorite brands.

in the late afternoon, DS and DH went to swimming pool; i went to Zumba class.

the day was ended with a great movie by Clint Eastwood. Gran Torino.

ahh, wonderful day it was!


  1. Julia: haha...I was wondering who do you look like now......Jennifer Aniston... I mean your tan, your toned muscle not the look. In my eyes, you are much prettier than her. :)

    Tan is good, like myself, I darkened a shade too this summer. However, we girls found out we better not tan our face too much as we are not as 3-D as white people. :P hahahahah...we don't want to look "dirty" know, when the first time we saw Yu after she got back from Taiwan and did self-tan, we laughed that her legs look dirty as she might not tanned them perfectly and evenly. ahh ha ha ...anyway, girls will never stop when talking about beauty, fighting aging. ..... haha...we do whatever we can to stop it. hee...

    Oh, I like your necklace by the way and I didn't think your make-up is unfinished at all. :)

  2. Hi Rachel,

    that was one big compliment from you. it made me blush a little. thank you!

    i totally agree that we better not get too much tan on the face. it doesnt look good on me either. i wear Shiseido 33SPF on my face when i spend time in the sun.

    the necklace was kinda heavy on my neck. but it does give a trendy vibe. i think i might get a big statement jewelry this season.

    yesterday, i did not put on mascara and lipstick. i really should wear mascara regardless. when i don't, i look like i dont have any eyelash.

  3. Hey Purse A,

    good to see you here! thank you for your compliment for my son. he took some good stuff from his parent. :) and left not-so-good stuff to us.

    I saw your new CL shoes. they are so gorgeous. i can't believe you have 40 pairs of CL already, and you are so young!

  4. Julia - It's my first time (i think) to see you so up close and boy, you look great! I tan easily myself too but you definitely don't look "dirty" like me (as R describes). The summer casual look suits you too.