Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just another Reason to be a Practical shopper

It becomes a routine that i clean up my desk during the weekend when there is no big activities going on, like today.
My desk is covered with magazines, coupons, letters, cards, DS' drawing paper and bills (I usually take care of bills right away).
When I saw this one from People magazine: Rihann's "Casual Style", I thought it was so funny. Those are the outfits she wore for a lunch with friend, fast-food run and afternoon shopping.
To not let our wardrobe go to waste, we tend to over dress for everyday activities. In my case, I can't even do that - my DH stops me from going out over dressed. there are a lot of clothes in my wardrobe are kinda wasted. ' for now anyway', he says to me when i get a little upset.
But when?... when most people start to dress up, when the trend is to be dressy, or when my life style is changed - somehow, I dont see that happen. unless i change husband. lol.
The truth is as much as i love to be dressy, I am ok with causal wear without heels- It allows me to play with my little boy freely.


  1. ha ha ha..I think for Rihanna's case, she knows she is always on the spotlight so she always dressed the best out of her...well...sort of... :P But yup, from those 3 looks of her, I couldn't find one single look which delights me. I know the middle jean dress has critics since she didn't have the right/fun heels to play casual for the dress nor does her hilarious funny hat puts her back to 60s(?) well... She probably needs to calm down a little of her ensembles before the whole look gotta all cooked up again. hahahaha..

  2. i have not heard any of her songs, but i keep seeing her pictures everywhere, every issue of my magazines. it gives me this impression that she is supposed to be a fashion icon these days? i dont know...

    yeah, the critics on this page did not sound like compliment to me either. haha...ops.