Monday, August 31, 2009

Garden in the Woods

One of the best ways to spend Sunday is to walk in a shady, tranquil woods with all sorts of exotic plants.

Picture 1: i was reading a map of the place. it was a lovely house in the woods...
my odj - Escada blouse; RL Bermuda; Gucci sneaker; shanghaitang white messenger bag.

Picture 2: DH took a picture for 3 of us on a bridge in the woods.
mother in law is 5'7 tall. she used to describe me as petite. - i think she calls all Asian petite, or tinny tiny without thinking. one day, she told me i have a nice slim body with a right amount of curves, and she wished she could fit into my gorgeous clothes. haha..

Picture 3: we went for Chinese as our early dinner after our beautiful day in the woods. DH thought it was weird of me to take pictures in the restaurant. i said to him, ' my other friends (such as Rachel, hehe) takes pictures in restaurants. ' yay!


  1. You look lovely in that hat!! Oh, the woods are nice and the food looks delicious!! It is nice that your in-law are around to help you out.

  2. thank you Rachel!

    it is a nice bonus for my son to have his grandma around. :)