Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Half of the Week has Gone by

we did our Wednesday routine today, and had a picture taken in front a ferret's house. i love how DS showed his confidence in this picture.

a big day for DS and mother in law - they both had haircut. luckily everyone is happy with their new hair.

i start to enjoy to have mother in law around. DS gets more love and attention. he is spoiled to the bone.

the other day I saw Rachel's mustard beret outfits pictures. it reminded me of mine. I bought it after I saw hers last winter.

It took me a while to move on to my next shoes purchase. got a pair of Proenza Schouler. will receive them on Friday. can't wait!


  1. Hi Julia,
    Haven't seen you around at tPF. I'm enjoying your blog. It is nice to have family close by. I can tell your DS is enjoying all the attention, which is nice. Can't wait to see your new shoes.

  2. Hi Peachbaby,

    how are you?
    I thought of you the other day.
    How is everything with you? i remember you took time off from work a few months ago.

    yeah, DS loves getting attention. everywhere he goes, he gets a lot of attention. he makes our life so much fun. my husband and i would giggle while just talking about him.