Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Day in Salem

Last Sunday, we went to a charmed/spirited town by the ocean, Salem. It was ds' first trip there - just about every place will be his first. he is so new to this world. We are as excited as he is to visit all these cool places we have been to before him.

We had lunch on the deck of a restaurant by the water. It was quite windy, I had my scarf on and wished i had brought a light jacket with me instead. The view next to me was pleasing. watching my cute boy and loving husband across the table made me feel very content without eating anything.

After some running around by the water, we went to Salem Museum, they have Chinese House there - wonderful!

Dh likes anything associate with boats. ds likes cars, mighty machines and boats... men and boats.

**the t shirt i wore that day was one of new Calvin Klein i bought last time i went to the mall. it was a good piece for what it cost. less than my lunch i had that day.


  1. what a lovely day out! we've been trying to get the kids out on weekends as well.

  2. Hi, Julia: You know what....I want to order "lobster" last sat. when we dine Dim Sum....than I thought I should go to Western food restaurant since I want it steamed instead of "starched', your pic. is killing me w/ that big lobster on the table and you look.....tres' chic!!

  3. My mouth waters just looking at this pic. That lobster looks so yummy. And your are looking so chic as always :-)

  4. Thank you Besty, Rachel and Claudia.

    i agree with you Rachel that lobster is better steamed. then dip in your favorite sauce. they normally offer garlic butter, but i prefer Asian sauce with scallion, garlic and some vinegar + soy sauce.