Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a trip

Every summer and Xmas we drive 11 hours in total to visit my in laws. They live seperately in their state with their respective spouses.

After 5 wonderful days for my son being with his grandparents and uncles, we finally got back home - this time, instead of 3 of us, my mother in law came back with us... nothing more to be said here.
but with this change in my life, i become busier.
There are a lot of pictures from our visit/vacation to be downloaded yet. will select some to post later...

* * *
I got The Book from NM today. this year's trends includes: Red; Leopard prints; leggings; Motorcycle jackets; Metallic shoes; Cozy knit; Accentuated shoulders; Accessories with Hardware; Black dress; High-impact Jewelry.

I happen to love them all. these wardrobe mainstays are what i like to refer to as perennial favorites.

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