Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

not much going on today. it's another hot day. smart people stay indoors with air conditioning. hehe..

DS and i went to the gym this morning, he had his Tumbleweeds class and i had Aerobic class.

my odj was inspired by an outfit from Jessica Biel (see her outfit here: i made a couple of changes to suit my today's activities, which was nothing glamorous. we went to a sandwich store for lunch, then Asian food store, and a grocery store nearby.

my mother in law is not too passionate about taking modeling pictures. so i did it in the mirror.

later i may go to one of mommy friends' house for some tax lesson. hopefully it would be a good social time without DS.


  1. Girl, you look sexy....BUT you need a brass chain necklace to kick up the whole look more. :)

  2. you think so? aww, thank you.

    i dont have a brass chain necklace yet.
    I saw yours other day. two necklace together...very cool.